About us

We are a Florida Gold Seal Accredited School and a member of the Florida Association for Child Care Management.

Our program is a daily program planned to provide a meaningful experience geared to the developmental age of children. This program strives to meet the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of your child.

We start our day off with a large group with pledges to the American Flag. After large group we do creative expression, language development, block and manipulative play, dramatic play, discover, etc. We provide an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon for child directed activities. When weather permits, children are provided morning and afternoon outdoor play.

Curriculum overview

The Clyatt House Learning Center curriculum includes activities which constitute a developmental and educational program. The educational goal for the children is to help them learn how to learn and how to become increasingly responsible for their own behavior. The curriculum is in concert with modern early childhood concepts with emphasis on language and creative abilities. Our experience also provides children a positive multicultural environment

Nutritional Meals

Our center is proud to be part of the USDA Child Care Food Program.  We provide nutritional meals serving breakfast, lunch, and snack.

Our Philosophy

We believe our program must be developmentally appropriate for children. Individual characteristics are addressed and needs of all children that we serve are met. We believe our program planning and application are designed to help stimulate your child's social, emotional, physical, and educational experiences. We believe in providing a physical and educational environment and a daily schedule which will enable children to engage in meaningful activities. We strive to develop the whole child. We encourage respect and peace in the children's daily experience. We acknowledge that the parent is the first and foremost teacher in the life of children. We want to work closely with the family unit to bridge the gap between the children's learning experience away from home and at our learning center.